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~ Relationship Enrichment Classes ~

Coming soon!

Happy, loving relationships are impacted by challenging cultural influences outside the home, and interpersonal stresses inside. Some days the battle is overwhelming. Personal values of honor and devotion grounded in Love are our greatest advantage over the pressures we face affecting relationship stability, family health and mission. Learning simple tools and communication strategies will help you create harmony and joy in your home.'


These classes are fun, educational, and helpful in navigating human interactions and 

Four Weeks : Fortify and Strengthen Your Relationship

  • Week One
         Discover your own innate greatness - strengths and giftings

  • Week Two
         Explore the mystery of oppositions attraction and attendent frustrations

  • Week Three
    Identify the values and core beliefs that underly your dreams of happy, healthy, meaningful relationships


  • Week Four
         Understand the power of your spiritual nature in offering grace, mercy and forgiveness


Online classes take place via telephone conference call a number and access code which is provided upon registration.

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