~ Heather Duzan ~

Daughter of God, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Veteran Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Harley Chick, and Lover of All Things Living

Personality~ Here is my little story of complete unawareness of who I was created to be. It was not until these circumstances came up in my story did I see beyond what I was struggling to accomplish...

Becoming a Co-Active Professional Coach was the result of my own seeking. I struggled my entire work life supporting attorneys in the litigation field. Mass paper production! One day I was asked, "Do you like your work?" I answered, "Not really, I struggle to be great at it. I'd rather use my natural instincts to help my co-workers heal their marriages!" She said, "Well, in a law office, you must be a paper person; but, you are not a paper person, you are a PEOPLE person."  It was the first time this concept came to my consciousness!!

My God-ordained passion lies with helping others cultivate relationship health, by understanding who their own intrinsic worth and enjoying who they were created to be; then cultivating respect for others, their differences, preferences and dreams.