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Healthy Functional Fulfilling Relationships—
How do we get there?

Using Judeo-Christian relationship principles as our guide, we are given a foundation upon which we can build healthy interpersonal relationships. Strong, independent, brilliant individuals - working out matters of life, either in concert or in conflict. If we include the spiritual mandate on love, we can see where problems arise. "Love does not seek its own."  Ah...selfishness, self-centeredness...our dilemma."

Below is a list of resources that I will be building in the coming months. Those resources listed here are perfect for beginning the shift possible to creating the fulfilling and glorious relationships possible for you.

Caveat:  Religion has created doctrine around marriage that has left individuals trapped in dangerous situations. Hopeless women (and men!) suffer silently as their abusing partners rage out of control terrorizing the entire family with their soul-destroying behaviors. 

You do not lose your standing with God because you courageously choose to separate youself from a violent environment. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus - only grace. He can help you find your way.


I will do everything I can to support you as seek to move you and your children out of harm's way.

Below are resources for Marriage, Addiction and Domestic Violence/Sex Trafficking..

Christian Marriage

Book, "Boundaries in Marriage" 

Why I love: The Bible teaches us that in marriage we are one. But we are two individuals whose great task will be to grow in the spiritual context of one. Boundaries are basically respect skills and adopting them cultivates the opportunity to grow a healthy life together.)

 Book, "Five Love Languages"

Why I love: Such a simple concept. We are different! My husband’s love language is acts of service. This is how he loves others and how feels loved. Me: I just vacuumed! Happy Birthday!  My love language is words of affirmation. I thrive with words of acknowledgment and attention. Me: How come you never say you love me anymore? Him: What? I told you that when we got married...wait, again??


        Book, "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work"

Why I Love: John Gottman is not a theologian; he is a scientist, he is our expert on Flesh Factor behaviors. He has conducted empirical research, studying the dynamics of hundreds of couples over years of time to draw conclusions about what makes happily and unhappily married couples, so. I learned much about what NOT to do!

Resources for Addiction

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