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The church in America under siege. It is losing its position as a relevant and influential voice shaping culture, morality and values. In its place, spiritual anarchy.

It's time to take the Gospel out of the building. And you need to know your superpowers.

Illuminating the world begins with understanding 
The Sacred Gift of You - a Biblical Perspective

You have been beautifully created and destined to lead in your life. I will help you build confidence to trust your instincts and your Godly discernment - to become a strong, positive, hopeful influence to those around you. 

LIke Esther in her day, you were "created for such a time as this.

Heather Duzan, CPCC ~ ~ (916) 716-2028

Lake Havasu City, Arizona 

Life is a many splendored thing, don't miss it!
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