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Courageous: Living A Spiritually Vibrant Life

Happy spring everyone! It has been a long cold winter this year. Believe it or not I have had my days of wishing summer would get here. I do love a tan and the pool.

So…the persecution of Christians is rising. In America we might deal with individuals who see faith as a weakness, lunacy, foolishness…in other areas of the world we are being executed for our witness for God. The enemy is relentless in its quest to bring destruction to God’s children. But, as has been since the martyrs of the early church, when you have experienced a deep encounter with Jesus’ spirit, and realize a life transformed by Love, you just cannot, will not, quit.

There are thousands a believers may have left the church environment that are still very much engaged in spiritual warfare who hold fast to biblical tenants and who believe in Jesus of the cross. We believe he is still at work healing restoring and reconciling those that he loves. And he's using us to get that done.

And for us to be effective, brilliant, influential children of God we need to have our own affairs in order. We do this with renewed understanding of our self-centered ways, the ways that we moved in fear-motivated control, we need to be ready for coming days by knowing what we believe, by sharing Biblical perspectives with others; and to know what we believe with conviction and confidence; to easily share the Gospel throughout our days; and to be the encouragers –

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Its Retreat Time - Destination Lake Havasu, AZ

We have little more than a week left for registrations for our June 22-25, 2023, retreat in the beautiful desert land of Lake Havasu. Three nights, four days of rest, emotional and mental restoration, spiritual revival, vision casting, and great fellowship with other amazing women of God. See more

Website Updated

Please have a peek at to see what I'm up to and while you are there take the opportunity to drop your email address for periodic updates of retreats, classes and workshops (I promise to not spam you!) designed to equip and encourage you in your desire to be an effective Light Bearer in the world around you.

As always, may the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be yours today.

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