Creating Pathways to

Your Most Magnificent Life


Heather Duzan, CPCC

Certified Life Coach 



Harley Chick

Strength ~ Dignity~  Courage


Many people live each day wondering if there is more to life than what they experience. Many people. If you share this curiosity, know you are not alone.


People are also uncertain about change and limit their choices because they are afraid to make a mistake or, God forbid, fail!


But I propose you are more powerful than you think, more valuable than you imagine, and braver than your sensible, inner critic, tells you.


Many of us come to point time when we can no longer ignore the stirring inside - we KNOW there is more and we want to know how to get it! I can help you - You are invited to step into your power and create your mostmagnificent life!

Check out my "Heather" page. Championing individuals in their desire to confront fears and worries, set a plan in place to reach their goals, and witnessing their forward motion, is my passion. If you are a woman of faith, you might find information about my book of interest. 



Connect with me at and we can have a confidential conversation about the many ways coaching can enrich your life.

On the Calendar

Stepping Into the Light!

Coming out of the 2020 Quarrintine


We have a ways to go yet...many States have moved their reopening plans to May 15, at the earliest, which gives us time to organize and begin!

The startling and sad facts point to the elderly and the already physically compromised as the most vulnerable to dying from Covid19 are. Aging presents a set of circumstances beyond our control, but everyone has control over their nutrition and activity. 

Join my Stepping Into the Light coaching program. We will address the challenges of change and support you as you identify your own goals, the reasons why, and your own how, or unique methodology, as we know what works for some does not work for others.  

We can return to normal life with fresh ideas and new ways to be fully and genuinely hopeful and free. 

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