Heather Duzan, CPCC

Certified Life Coach 



Harley Chick

"Life is a Many Splendored Thing...

don't miss it!"

Let's Create a Pathway to

Your Most Magnificent Life

Strength ~ Dignity - Courage


Many people live each day wondering if there is more to life than what they experience. Many people. If you share this curiosity, know you are not alone. People are also uncertain about change and limit their choices because they are afraid to make a mistake or, God forbid, fail! But I propose you are more powerful than you think, more valuable than you imagine, and braver than your sensible, inner critic, tells you. Many of us come to point time when we can no longer ignore the stirring inside - we KNOW there is more and we want to know how to get it! I can help you - You are invited to step into your power and create your most magnificent life!

Check out my "Heather" page. Championing individuals in their desire to confront fears and worries, set a plan in place to reach their goals, and witnessing their forward motion, is my passion. If you are a woman of faith, you might find information about my book of interest. 


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