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~Books by Heather ~

The Warrior Wife
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Our conflict is not with our husbands, but with the principalities and powers of darkness (Eph 6) and we know there is constant pressure from the spiritual realm to disrupt the health and vitality of Christian marriages,The Warrior Wife Combat Training Manual was written to help Christian wives own the power and authority they have in Jesus Christ to transform their marriages without saying a word! Encouraging and insightful, you will be ever more equipped to defend your home and empower your husband with a warrior's intercessory prayer mantle.  

"Learn how to fight - not with your husband - but FOR him." - Brad Franklin, Senior      Pastor, Lakeside Church, Folsom California.


$19.95 incl. shipping and handling


What Readers are Saying:


"Heather helped instill in me that I can be equipped for battle and I have God to look to in order to exude the strengths I need to do so. Heather has sharp insight into God's word, and poignantly illustrates to me my role in this world.  I really love the symbolism of the 'Warrior Wife,' and it brings me great strength to think of my own walk with God in such a powerful way."

— Betty Shook


"I LOVED this book and I felt like the author was talking directly to me. She helped me to be more mindful of what I am doing for God and the rest will come. It was very inspiring and I am so thankful this book found me."

     — Amity Q.

Women on a Mission
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Women on a Mission is a collection of powerful and poignant writings contributed by women who share stories of overcoming great adversity and their ultimate victory over it. Women on a Mission will certainly inspire and encourage countless others to honor themselves as sacred and to influence its readers to recognize and amplify their own inner value; to confidently let their deepest place of unique expression shine. In her contributing chapter, Created to Reign: My Journey from Slave Girl to Queen, Heather Duzan utilizes the metaphor to tell her story of her spiritual birth and the ensuing 30 years. Heather conveys a life story in which her identity as a daughter of God would give her significance, worth and a mission.   

$19.95 incl. shipping and handling


What Readers are Saying:

"Beautifully compiled! True stories that are relationally inspirational and that leave you filled with hope and a powerful renewed feminine strength."

     — Anon  


"I love the book and I appreciate every woman who shared their trials and victories. A fabulous collaboration of strong women."


"Incredible stories, amazing women!! Filled me with inspiration and admiration!! Enjoyed reading real life stories. Well done!!"

     — Anon.

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